Alisa has a new single!

... The single is called: "U+Me"! - Check it out! We'd love to hear what you think! 

There’s an endearing charm to “U+Me”. This single will have even the most jaded heart, picking up the phone to tell someone: “I love you”.
“U+Me” is a breath of fresh air, replete with haunting lyrics and uniquely alluring vocals. Co-written and produced by Hubert Eaves III (D Train, Luther Vandross, Miles Davis) – crafting an elegantly produced, jazz-laden mid-tempo ballad appealing to jazz, R&B, and pop fans alike.
Layered with world-class instrumentation, Hubert Eaves III on keyboards, Phil Hamilton on guitar (Roberta Flack, D Train), and Hubert Eaves IV on bass and drums (Erykah Badu: Live, Alex Bugnon, Will Downing) – the rhythm section deftly entices the listener and draws you into “U+Me”’s poetic simplicity.
Get ready to listen to something that will reset, and recalibrate your musical senses. Get ready to listen to “U+Me”.


The "U+Me"/Single is off to a great start!


... during the first and second week of the "U+Me" promotion, charted "U+Me"  in the top 10  "most added" and "SPIN-creased".

... As of 9/1/16, Radiowave charted "U+Me"  - "#1Most Added Song"!!!!

... As of 9/6/16, GrooveJazzMusic charted "U+Me" - top 5 "Most Increased Plays"!!


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